Invitations For The Baby Sprinkle

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A baby sprinkle is a way of celebrating the future or recent birth of a baby, presenting gifts to the parents at a party. You may hear it called a diaper or maternity party sometimes but what they are talking about is a baby sprinkle. A sprinkle refers to a small scale baby shower, in general for the non first-born sons, when parents no longer need as many items to care for their child.

History Of The Baby Sprinkle

The term baby sprinkle is used during the last months of pregnancy. It means that the pregnant woman is “showered” in gifts, this almost sounds like a deluge. But there is a reason why. A similar style of party, the bridal shower, derived its name from the custom started in the Victorian era, gifts were placed in an umbrella and that is where the term came from There is an interesting history of the baby shower on

Think of a baby sprinkle as a type of small buffet, where at the end of the meal the guest of honor receives a few small gifts for the baby.

Traditionally, baby sprinkles were held only for the first child of the family, and only the women were invited. The original purpose was to women to share the wisdom and lessons on the art of becoming a mother. Over time, has become something common hold for the following children or adopted. It is not uncommon to be held more than one baby sprinkle for son: one with friends, with colleagues…

Baby sprinkles are an alternative to the baby shower, but both are used to celebrate the birth of the child such as baptisms. However, these tend to be less materialistic to what is commonly known as baby shower in the 21st century.

In accordance with the the modern trend for sprinkles, the party is focused on fewer gifts, baby sprinkle is being organized and prepared by a friend rather than a member of the family, as it is considered impolite that families ask for gifts on behalf of other family members. However, this custom varies depending on the culture or region, and in some is expected and is a family woman close to organize baby sprinkle, often the grandmother.

The term sprinkle, and the rules related to the party are credited to Judith Martin (better known by his pseudonym of Miss Manners). Miss Manners was born on September 13, 1938 and is a respected journalist, writer, and an authority on social behavior.

Since 1978, she has written a column on the broad subject of manors and etiquette which is published three times a week and is syndicated in more than 200 newspapers worldwide. In his column answers questions related to the tag and courtesy, as well as brief essays on behavioral problems in society, social mores throughout history and in different civilizations, etc. It tends to give his writings a humorous touch mixed with deep analysis.

There are no rules for when or where they have to be held parties. The number of guests and the style of entertainment are determined by the host. Most of the hosts invite only women to baby sprinkles, although there is a fixed rule that requires it. If the fiesta takes place after the birth of the baby, the baby usually also attends the party. Baby sprinkles may include a small meal but not a full meal.

Some hosts organize activities, such as games to taste food for babies or guess the date of birth or sex of the baby in respect to a gender reveal.

Ideas For Baby Sprinkle Invitations

Baby sprinkle invitations can add a lot of style to your party and you can save money on these styles of invitations in comparison to other professionally printed cards. There are many ways to create and decorate your own sprinkle invitations, one way to do this is to focus on gender reveal party invitations, including the use of basic designs and then adding a handmade touch to them with scrapbooking supplies. Supplies for scrapbooking are available in numerous themes for baby showers and they are easy to add to the card to make it even more impressive.

By adding a handmade touch to the invitation you can be certain that every card has a unique characteristic.

Baby showers are special occasions, and a handmade baby sprinkle invitation adds a memorable quality to the celebration. You can easily make handmade invitations for a baby shower and when it is a sprinkle that you are after they can be very simple, if you know the sex of the baby pick the fitting colors. Otherwise if it is a gender reveal shower you can use whatever colors (or combinations that you want) to style the cards.

One example of an easy card design are those made from cutout pieces of paper, this adds a scrapbook quality to the work and it offers an easy base to work from. You can do this by cutting a piece of letter size of cardstock in half horizontally. Decorate it with ornaments and give your invitations a creative a beautiful expression of joy, tranquility and love.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Gender Reveal Invite
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Gender Reveal Invite
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Remember to make an extra invitation for the mother-to-be so that she can include in her baby book as a keepsake.

The invitation should include the shower/sprinkle information, this is usually placed in the center of the paper at the top. One popular technique is to round the corners with a punch.

Ensure it’s that fits within the envelope and then wrap a ribbon around it in the appropriate color. Popular options are pink, blue or yellow.

If you think that the idea of hosting a gender reveal is a good idea and you want to take some time to explore this in conjunction with a baby sprinkle part you can learn more about it on

Baby Sprinkles Around The World

The baby sprinkle isn’t exclusive to the US, it is a celebration that has developed all around the world. These social gatherings are a fundamental aspect of many cultures and they help to produce the sense of a nurturing environment.

Baby sprinkles and other social events to celebrate the recent or future birth of the baby are popular around the world. They are social gatherings for women only.

  • In Canada, a baby sprinkle is traditionally held so that only women can attend the party.
  • In Brazil, a party called “cha baby” is offered before the birth and is often exclusive to women.
  • In the Chinese tradition, a baby sprinkle, called manyue is held one month after the baby is born. Due to the lack of medical advances in the past, the high rate of infant mortality was that families and friends held if a baby survived more than one month since its inception.
  • In Armenia, a baby sprinkle is called “qarasunq” and is celebrated 40 days after the birth of the baby. It’s a party mixed for relatives and friends. The guests come with gifts for parents or for the baby.
  • In Iran, a baby sprinkle is called sismoony, and family of women pregnant between 1 and 3 months before delivery will provide you with all the accessories and accommodation you need your first baby. This includes bed, toys, clothes, dishes and almost anything related to the baby. The family and close friends would be invited to see the gifts and also give them something.
  • In Costa Rica, is called tea basket.
  • In the hindu tradition, is called in different ways depending on the community to which family belong.
  • In the North of the India it is known as godbharaai. In the West of India, especially in Maharashtra, this celebration is known as dohaaljewan. And in West Bengal and in Odisha is called saadh.
  • In the South of the India, in Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh is called Seemantham or Valaikappu, and in Karnataka is called sheermanta and is celebrated when the woman is at its 5th, 7th or 9th month of pregnancy. Although Seemantham and Valaikappu can be held together, they are very different. Seemantham is a religious celebration while Valaikappu is a purely social event. In a Valaikappu music is played and the expectant mother decked out with traditional costume with lots of flowers and garlands made of jasmine/mogra. Decorate a swing with flowers of your choice, used to sit and spin. Sometimes they become symbolic cuts of moons and stars. Women over the age of the family and the community covered it with blessings. Gifts are given to the expectant mother. It is an event very emotional and full of fun for most moms, since they are in the Umbrian maternity and entering into a new life.
  • In Kerala, it is known as “Pulakuli” and is predominantly practiced in the Nair community, although its popularity has spread to other Hindu sects. On an auspicious day, after being massaged with oil Ayurvedic homemade, the woman has a ritual bath with the help of women over the age of the family. After this, worship to the deity of the family, by invoking all the paradevatas and a mixture of medicinal herbs produced in a traditional way, is given to the woman. The woman is dressed in new clothes and jewelry used for such occasions. A big difference in the Western concept of baby sprinkle and the hindu tradition is that the hindu ceremony is a religious ceremony to pray for the well-being of the baby. In more conservative families are bought gifts for the expectant mother, but not for the baby. The baby has is a “rain” of gifts just after birth.
  • In South Africa, a baby sprinkle is called stork party, and takes place when the mother is 6 months pregnant. The stork parties not attended by men, and not make an equivalent party for them. The stork party is accompanied by nonsense such as dressing and give gifts related to the care of the baby. It is often organized as a holiday surprise, unbeknownst to the mother.
  • In the United Kingdom, called wetting the baby’s head, and is a common substitute for the baby sprinkle, which is seen as a custom American and materialistic. Traditionally the father celebrates the birth by taking a few drinks with his group of friends.
  • In Nepal is called “pasni”. It is made for children baby in the sixth month of his birth, and the baby girls in the fifth month of his birth. People give money and other gifts during the holidays.
Pink and Gold Girl  Shower
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Guests bring little gifts for the mom-to-be. Typical gifts related to babies include diapers, blankets, bottles, clothes and toys. It is common for gifts to be opened during the party.

A possible decoration or gift decoration is the “diaper cake”. To make one, diapers and other baby-typical items are arranged similarly to a multi-story wedding cake.

Baby Sprinkle For Men

These showers are all about buddies, beers and diapers.

Some baby showers are directed to the future father. Or the parents, this sprinkle is often called a couples shower which can be styled in any way you want. Including making it a gender reveal shower.

Couples showers often have more in common with a baby sprinkle than they do a baby shower. These are oriented in drinking beer, watching sports or play video games. Major gifts are diapers and related gifts. The diaper party organization is normally carried out by the friends of the future Pope as a way to help the coming of the baby.

These festivals take place in bars, homes of friends or in the House of the future grandfather.